ADG Forward, Canadian Automotive Service Equipment (CASE) - Specializing in the service and inspection of Automotive lifts, including direct lift residential lifts, parking lifts, parking lift, wk, w-k industries parts, garage storage, store lift, store lifts, auto body equipment and auto, body repair equipment from residential lifts, automotive hoists, automotive lift equipment, collision repair equipment, auto lifts, hoists, 2 post lifts, 4 post lifts, two post, four post, heavy duty lifts, truck lifts, auto body equipment, auto body repair equipment, wheel service equipment. In addition we offer the service of automotive hoist inspection, automotive lift inspections, lift inspection, hoist inspections, lift operator training, in addition to John Bean Tire Changers, John Bean Balancers, John Bean Wheel Service Equipment, John Bean Parts for John Bean Canada.  We service canada, mississauga, oakville, durham, burlington niagara, brantford, st. catherines, etobicoke, toronto, scarborough, oshawa, whitby, ottawa, peterborough, port hope, markham, vaughan, bracebridge, simcoe, barrie, innisfil, orillia, york region, woodbridge, ajax, newmarket, united states, ontario.

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448 North Rivermede Rd., Vaughan, ON, L4K3M9, Tel: 905.669.8512    Fax: 905.669.1170

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Canadian Automotive Service Equipment (CASE)

448 North Rivermede Rd Vaughan, ON, L4K3M9

Local: 905.482.0041

Toll- Free 877.669.8512

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M-Thurs 8:15am-4:45pm

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Industry Information


- Lift safety regulations have recently changed.

- Lift operators should be properly trained by qualified personnel.

- The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires all lifting equipment to be inspected annually.  The Ministry of Labor has hired hundreds of inspectors over the recent years to ensure everyone is in compliance.

- If the service provider you hire does not have proper liability insurance and WSIB, there could be exposure to your company for injuries and/or damage.

- Canadian Automotive Service Equipment (CASE) is here to help you with your automotive lifting, collision and wheel service equipment requirements.

- Canadian Automotive Service Equipment (CASE) performs Annual Safety Inspections, Repairs, and Operator Training


Example of Improper Use


Don't take the lift for granted

By Alan Vigneux

Safety is an important consideration for everyone. The problem is the more familiar we become with equipment or a task, the less time we take to evaluate the associated dangers.

Technicians need to consider this when it comes to using a lift. Training in safe use, preventative maintenance and visual inspections are critical to keep this large tool safe.

Contrary to common belief, automotive technicians are generally not well trained in the use of a lift. All lifts are not the same. They have different features, controls, and operating systems. 

Technicians need to read the manual for the hoist they are using, and lift owners must make sure the information is readily available to them. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the technician is properly trained. 

The most common error that results in personal injury or property damage is the improper spotting of the vehicle on two-post above-ground hoists. It has to be done so the weight distribution is correct and the adapters are making stable contact with the vehicle lifting points.

Other common errors are overriding safety devices and absent or non-functioning arm restraints.

The Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) reported in 1999 that approximately 85 per cent of accidents are caused by operator carelessness. Ten per cent are due to hoist failure, while five per cent are caused by improper installation and unsafe floors.

It is reasonable to expect shop owners or technicians to visually inspect their hoists every day. A quick walk around and they will be able to spot worn parts such as adapters and chains, leaking fluid, or deteriorating structures. 

ALI supplies the Lifting It Right safety manual and its companion video, as well as the Lifting Point Guide, the Safety Tips card, and the Operations Inspection and Maintenance Standard.

Your lift should be inspected annually. Proper lift inspections take time. Make sure you hire a company that thoroughly inspects your lift. Reliable companies will provide you with the documentation required by the various provincial authorities and be able to provide training.

Alan Vigneux is the President of ISN Canada Group Inc., Ontario Division. He has over 25 years of experience in commercial construction and service management.






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Canadian Automotive Service Equipment (CASE)

448 North Rivermede Rd., Vaughan, ON, L4K 3M9

Phone: 905.669.8512  Fax: 905.669.1170



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