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Canadian Automotive Service Equipment (CASE)

448 North Rivermede Rd Vaughan, ON, L4K3M9

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Rotary Commercial Truck & Transit Lifts - Modular and Environmentally Safe Inground Lifts - MOD 30 & MOD35

If you want the best heavy duty inground lifts go to the inventor. Rotary Lift invented the inground lift more than 85 years ago and we’ve been reinventing and improving our lifts ever since. Concern for the environment, functionality, space consideration and improved productivity are key components to consider when investing in a new heavy-duty lift. Our designers and engineers have taken all these considerations and used them to develop the most innovative and versatile heavy-duty lift products on the market today.


Fast and Easy

Productivity is the key for any shop, so our lifts are packed with features that help your technicians get vehicles up on the lift and back on the road faster and easier than anyone else.

  • Rotary’s patented Universal Saddle System has a greater adjustment range and is compatible with a wide range of adapters - spot hard to reach vehicles faster!

  • The standing control console keeps lift operators off of the floor and upright to monitor the lift’s rise and descent.

  • Recessed designs allow for an unobstructed floor when entering and exiting the bay saving valuable time.

Environmentally Friendly

Today’s inground lifts take protecting the environment to a new level. Offering encapsulated 6’ deep steel enclosure sealed with EnviroGuard.

Superior by Design

  • Rotary maintains the largest in-house mechanical, electrical and controls engineering staff in the industry using state of the art design, modeling and analysis software to ensure you get a well-designed, reliable product

  • Rotary rigorously cycle tests its lifts and components for at least 10,000 cycles at rated load, giving you a robust, proven and quality tested lift that won’t let you down

  • The modular, encapsulated shallow pit design reduces installation costs and means easier, less costly maintenance over the life of the lift

  • Numerous pit, control and adapter options allow you to customize your lift to meet your shop’s needs

Third Party Certified

  • The MOD30 and MOD35 lifts meet the ANSI/ALI ALCTV standard, including the required third party validation.

MOD 30


The Mod30 modular inground lift is totally contained in a 6' enclosure protected with Rotary's exclusive Enviroguard™ coating. This environmentally friendly lift is the most versatile and inventive lift ever to hit the truck service industry

Product Brochure, click here

Standard Features

  • Unobstructed floor

  • Galvanized shutter plate trench covers

  • Patented universal saddle adapters

  • Electric drive with custom presets for incredible quick spotting of vehicles

  • Synchronized multi-stage cylinder allows for housing depth to be only 6 feet

  • Containment style design gives easy access to all components

  • Containment features Enviro-Guard™ reducing electrolysis and deterioration

  • Multi-stage locks

  • LDS™ (Liquid Detection System) signals technician if fluid builds up in the containment

  • Upright control console with joystick controls

  • ALI Certified

  • 60,000 lbs. capacity (2-Post) 90,000 lbs. capacity (3-Post)


  • Pendant control

  • 2 and 3-Post models available

  Available Models: MOD30, MOD30 3P, Retro Fit 60

MOD 35

The new MOD35 is the next generation of heavy-duty inground lifts from Rotary Lift. We took the same industry-leading features of the MOD30 and added a variety of new, game-changing enhancements our customers requested.

The MOD35 inground lift is totally contained in a 6' enclosure protected with Rotary's exclusive Enviroguard™ coating. This environmentally friendly lift is the most versatile and inventive lift ever to hit the truck service industry. Both housings are recessed for “zero clearance” drive-thru when the lift is in the down position.


System Monitoring and Added Control Features Programmable height and wheelbase settings for up to 25 preset vehicle locations. The separately located, wall-mounted console eliminates clutter and adds more floor space in each bay.


Click here for the MOD35 Video

Patent-Pending Pendant Only Controls, this standard remote control system operates all of the lift’s features away from the lift console maximizing shop productivity and visibility of the vehicle during operation. Joystick-equipped with infinite variable speed control of fore/aft and up/down operation of the lift plus fine adjustment of the lifting carriage or moveable piston. Contains a protective guard to prevent accidental engagement when not in use.



Patented universal style lifting saddles 

Customers can choose from four patented saddles:

  • Ultra-low-profile: With the lowest profile in the industry at just 2½ inches tall, this saddle offers excellent drive-over clearance and can be retracted completely into the ground for zero obstructions when not in use. Use with low-profile inserts to pick up low-floor and kneeling buses.  

  • Low-profile: For many customers, this “standard” front saddle is ideal for most jobs. It’s 4⅛ inches tall, with a maximum reach of 40½ inches, thanks to two sliding adapters.  

  • Low truck front (T-style): This 4¾-inch tall saddle offers the widest reach, at 55½ inches, to facilitate picking up vehicles that don’t have a solid front axle.  

  • Tall rear: Designed specifically for the rear post, this saddle features six insert receptacles (all of the front saddles can accommodate two inserts each) that slide left and right to provide an incomparable pick-up range, as well as the flexibility to reach into areas that other adapters can’t access.  

  • Ultra-low-profile model shown below.

All Rotary Lift universal saddles offer a greater adjustment range than any other, making lift set-up faster and easier for technicians. Every saddle and most adapters are electro-coated to provide a long-lasting, automotive-quality finish. Rotary Lift offers the industry’s widest selection of third-party certified lightweight adapters for maximum flexibility and versatility. Unlike other designs, most of Rotary Lift’s adapter inserts swivel a full 360 degrees for unmatched adjustability.


Rotary Lift has created several kits that include the most popular adapters for specific applications. Transit fleet managers can also consult the company’s Adapter Selection Guide and work with their local lift distributors to determine the best adapters for their specific needs.



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Canadian Automotive Service Equipment (CASE)

448 North Rivermede Rd., Vaughan, ON, L4K 3M9

Phone: 905.669.8512  Fax: 905.669.1170



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