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448 North Rivermede Rd., Vaughan, ON, L4K3M9, Tel: 905.669.8512    Fax: 905.669.1170

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Canadian Automotive Service Equipment (CASE)

448 North Rivermede Rd Vaughan, ON, L4K3M9

Local: 905.482.0041

Toll- Free 877.669.8512

Fax: 905.669.1170


M-Thurs 8:15am-4:45pm

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Rotary Commercial Truck & Transit Lifts - Inground Lifts


Rotary traditional Inground lifts are the ultimate in creating productive service bays. Multiple configurations, capacities and accessory packages allow you to customize your lift to your heavy duty lifting needs.  Click here for the product brochure.

   Standard Features

  • Front jack can be adjusted for multiple wheelbases

  • Rear jack features recessed pocket for unobstructed floor

  • Continuous trench design for easy access to all components

  • Front pit covers to eliminate openings in the pit

  • Surface mounted power unit


  • Recessed pocket for front jack

  • In-trench power unit

  • Push button equalized controls

  • Shutter plate trench covers

  Multiple Models Available

Single front/single rear: 70HC, 70C/70P/70Q,
R70C/R70P/R70Q, 70DSC/70DSP, RU70P/RU70Q

Single front/dual rear
: 10210C/10210P/10210Q, 

3 post inground:
703C/703P/703Q, R703C/R703P/R703Q,  


Optional In-Trench Equalized Power Unit
While the surface-mounted power unit fits well in many service facilities and can operate one or more lifts, the optional in-trench unit offers many benefits.
  •Eliminates the need for additional floor space
  •No piping or trenches from the power unit to the controls, for an overall 80% pipe reduction
  •Can be removed for service or repair without breaking concrete
  •Low noise level unit provides self-equalized operation, no manual adjustment when raising and lowering and meets NEC class 1 division 1 standards

Optional Push Button Equalized Controls
Simple push button controls eliminates manual equalization. The control box can be mounted on either the floor or wall. These controls are more economical than electronic counterparts.

Optional Shutter Plate Trench Covers
This option increases productivity by eliminating the manual moving of the cover plates. It is self-storing and adjusts with the front piston to keep the pit covered at all times.

Front Jack
Hydraulic adjustment allows the front jack to be positioned for various wheelbases, and is available with an optional recessed pocket for an unobstructed floor when the lift is in the down position.

Rear Jack
The rear jack features a recessed pocket for an unobstructed floor when the lift is in the down position. A wheel spotting dish for axle positioning guides the placement of the vehicle for lifting.

Hydraulic Jack Assembly
The jack assembly in both the front and rear housing is removable for inspection or repair without the need to break concrete, and each jack has an 18-position locking leg which locks every 3”. The jack can be released automatically for lowering without going under the lift.

Continuous Trench Design
The trench design is contained in a concrete vault. This enclosed design allows easy access to all components for inspection and maintenance as well as provides secondary containment.

Standard Front Pit Covers
Front pit covers are movable and eliminate openings in the pit.

Surface Mounted Power Unit
The power unit may be sized for one or more lift hook-ups without equalized control.

52 & 60 Series Lift
The 52 series lift enables the operator to lift the rear of a vehicle at the axle or wheels by shifting a selection lever.



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Canadian Automotive Service Equipment (CASE)

448 North Rivermede Rd., Vaughan, ON, L4K 3M9

Phone: 905.669.8512  Fax: 905.669.1170



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